x.xxpm || Sunday
the yum and the was yum
My estimation of that item I was gonna pick up at Target was off. VERY OFF. There was no way in hell I would have been able to lug that home. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't think my armspan would have allowed me to even attempt to get a good grip on it, nevermind the fact that it was probably super heavy. So my arms might have spanned...one side. And I might have been able to... push it a couple feet along the smooth vinyl flooring. Hmmmm, let me give myself some credit here. I think I could push it all the way to the register. Woohoo! What good any of this does for subways and stairs (going down anyone?) and gritty, bumpy streets is another thing.

Sometimes I shake my head at me. The good is that my trip was not for naught. I picked up something else.

Also indulged in a momentary craving when this caught my eye:

oreos, anyone?

I should have known better though. After three cookies, I was done. I didn't want another one. Now I still have a whole bag. Anyone want some oreos? Like a whole bag of 'em? Maybe I'll bring it to work and feed it to my coworkers. I do hate waste. And I don't want to make myself eat them. Ha.

So with the extra days, I've been feeling a tad more relaxed. Just a tad.

Enough to put together a little something super yum that I haven't for a while:

what's for dunch
what's for dunch?

what's for dunch

rice noodles with yummy crabs

Biased to the extreme, but it was absolutely delicious! ;oP

(a)typical morning routines
So when you wake up in the morning, what do you do? Close your eyes and squeeze in a couple more winks, lay in bed staring at the ceiling, or maybe roll yourself right outta bed and begin the day. Well these last two days have been out of character for me. To say the least. Yesterday, the first thing I did when I woke up was not to wash my face or brush my teeth. Not even close. I happen to go over to my window, look out, and glimpsed something peeping down at me up there in the blue sky. Which *ding* 'inspired' me. And so what did I do this past Saturday morning, my eyes still crusty, my breath likely less than perfect, my clothes still crumpled? Why, I went into the kitchen, opened the cabinet under the sink, and pulled out the items one would need to...wash the windows! Haha.

The inspiration? My moon. Which I ultimately decided not to snap pictures of.

And this morning? This morning found a crusty-eyed, tossled-hair, crumply-clothed me...mopping the floor! Bwhahaha.

lazy sundays... go, go, go!
With all this talk about the weather being super amazing this holiday weekend, I've been feeling this great pressure, anxiety to be outside. To be doing things. To not be wasting the glory that be the sun, the blue skies, the temps and, ultimately, the last *sniff* remnants of summer. The weatherman smiles at me from his post on the other side of my tv screen. He smiles and his chest puffs up as he talks of the forecast, as if he somehow had a hand in creating the beautiful weather. Even his bright white teeth twinkle, taking their undo credit as well. He tells me how beautiful the day is, how lovely the night will be, how unbelievable the next few days are going to be. But in all of it, I hear something else. It blares into my ears with every word he utters, blinds my judgement with every sunshiney graphic on the screen.

The underlying message: Go, go, go! Do, do, do! NOW, NOW, NOW!

And so Saturday, I did just that. Roamed through Washington Square Park.. by the artists with their makeshift stalls lined up on University Place, them in the shadow of shade, their art in the blaze of sun ... through the grilled corn/shish kebob aromas of the street fair that stretched for many a streets along 4th Ave, into the bustling outdoor farmer's market that is Union Square Park on weekends, offering wares from fresh picked peaches, to full bloom hibiscus flowers.

And then Sunday...

Sunday I defied the weathermen and the ticking time bomb they put on Summer. Sunday was spent here.

lazy Sundays
sun, breeze, beautiful blue skies and me

Windows wide open, shades pulled up, curtains back, an invitation for the sun to drop on by and stay for as long as it liked. With children shrieking and laughing outside, the breeze coming and going as it pleased, and me enjoying Summer from the comfort, and relative calm, of my home.

12.14pm ||
figurines, burial treasures, and a live pseudomummy

Yesterday's speculated itinerary:

other museums?
Indian food
Staten Island Ferry
Yesterday's actual itinerary:
For a smidgeon more pics, go check my flickr. Too lazy to post.

jinxiaojie. That girl is such a poser. As in regard to pictures. I laugh every time I'm helping her take one. She'll pucker her lips, twist her body to the side, arch her back, flip her hair... and whatever else. Hillarious. And she'll examine the pic I took, and if not to her liking, she'll tell me to retake. And she'll readjust her positioning, etc. Hhehe.

And the manner in which she was bargaining with that guy for that NYPD t-shirt she wanted. Bwhahahaha. All sweet and cute. I totally cannot do that.

When we first saw each other yesterday, the first words she gushed were, You look so pretty! Then throughout the day she kept commenting on my hair. That it was so nice. Finally I picked up a couple strands of her hair and told her that my hair was just like hers. (Both long, similar style.) Her reply? I know. Then she smiled and further said, That's why it's so nice.

My thoughts after a good laugh?

jinxiaojie, your hair is SOOO nice! code for Gah, but isn't MY hair gorgeous!

We had real nyc pizza yesterday, not the good, but I guess you'd classify as more 'upscale' pizza we had at Bella Vita. It was a fresh pie from the oven, so even better.

Our timing was bad though. Mostly because our first stop, the MoMA, took up 3 hours. Twice the time we had estimated. The Met woulda probably taken her days.

Maybe you can write it off as because it was her first time there, but she was really absorbed in the art. For me, sometimes I feel bad, because I can breeze through a museum pretty quick. Unless there's things that really draw me or strikes my interest.

Anyway, haven't slept too good these last two days. And my body hurts. And I'm thinking of going to Target and lugging something home. (Hope it isn't too heavy.) Which will make my body hurt more.

Other than that, doing some cleaning up and trying to start some long overdue work on some projects.

Nice, breezy day out. Enjoy!

12.39am ||
it's not all the work of gremlins...

For the life of me, I don't know where they came from. There's like 6 of them.

Except the one. Damn lady and her stroller.

Now if only I had someone to rub them for me. My personal bruise rubber. Haha. It's one thing to contort oneself, it's quite another to contort and attempt to apply force.

My mom's got it drilled in my head so looking at the barely visible blue ones really bug me.

The stroller one is red cause I haphazardly went at it.

I snuck into and outta work without people the wiser.


Al spied me. And someone in the elevator on the way up.

When I told everyone that yesterday was my Friday, they all kept telling me how gorgeous the weekend, next couple days, were gonna be. And so it looks. Gorgeous and no real plans. But that just means I gotta go make 'em, confirm 'em, concoct them.

I had a shish kebab today. From this cart guy. Just on the corner, across from the train station. I've been passing by him every time I come home. Today, post the one excursion, I decided to pick up a snack before getting home and then heading out again. It was pretty good. Came with a slice of Italian bread.

I spied Mr. NGFL holding hands with a girl during my second venture out. To return that rug I bought last time. I'd say more, but we'll leave it at bwhahaha.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. jinxiaojie.

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