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you're beautiful, *winks*

For all the lovelies, guy and gal, out there. - Your fayeness *cheese*

SHITNESS, I was almost busted this eve. Almost. *wipes brow* It woulda been the end of everything. BUT. But it wasn't. TeeheeheeheeHEE. Too close for comfort. Way too close. But since all is well, I'm sitting here tickled to death.

So I went over to M. Fuller's today. I brought her some egg tarts. The bakery wouldn't give me a box unless I bought a dozen, so after some back and forth contemplation, I got the dozen. I think that was too much. I do hate waste. I hope she gobbles them down. Next time I shan't go to that bakery when I think to buy egg tarts and want a box.

Caught up on a whole bunch of stuff. Caught up on each other's lives. Haven't seen her for like 3 months or so. I can't say I had much to impart. Nothing good, at least. Ha. But she did. One of her son's is engaged. Whoah. She herself wasn't dating at the moment, just enjoying her own company. Etc. It's funny. To talk to her. Because she's like my mom's age. Exactly. Just to hear her talk about that kinda thing. She was giving me advice about stuff though. Like she noticed my less than gorgeous face. Especially my dry lips and ickiness. Telling me to take certain vitamins, oils, etc, etc. It's nice to have someone like that around. *smiles* She also said that I looked like I gained weight from the last time she saw me. *supersmile*

We talked about my situation. And the likelihood that my folks weren't all that happy with it. Ha. I told her about my lack of motivation and etc etc and my state of mind. M. Fuller imparted much wisdom. Definitely things to think about. Talked about how I might consider going international, work abroad, how my ideology doesn't mesh with this here place, etc, etc. Hahahha, it's funny how people get a sense of you like that.

On the personal life level, M. Fuller says I definitely need to go international. In her mind, I need someone with 'refinement and a lot of culture', neither of which, she says, I would find here. Bwhahahha. She makes me sound sophisticated. Woohoo me! ;P

I gave her the identity system package I've been working on. She loved it. I hope she knows that it touched me deeper than I showed. She was exclaiming and such, while here was Faye just smiling and saying that I was glad she liked it.

From some of the things she says, I wonder if that's really me she speaks of, or an exaggerated, better me. I want to see me through her eyes. It sounds more promising.

She told me I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Easier said than done. And seriously, I need to be harder on myself. I let myself get away with too much.

But whose to know, a little voice says.

Another interesting tidbit: Ian is dating someone new. Hmmmm.

My whole being smells yummy. From her gallery. My hair especially, since I'm no longer wearing those clothes. And my jacket. She burns those fragrance oils. All through the gallery. I always leave smelling yummy.

I bought some more things from my Eventual List. Heehee.

They lit the Rockefeller tree this eve. I find it sad. To kill such a wondrous part of nature for such a silly thing. Talk about barbaric and criminal. The cool thing was that Michael Bublé was there. I still can't find my cd. :o/

I could seriously go on about a bunch of crap, but it is late and you don't care and I don't care to. It's all just the same blahjunkness. Ha.

ps. My Path card was expired. With 8 more rides left!!! Damn it.


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