a whole slew of moviescourtesy of pseudofans
[...that will eventually be organized in some shape or form. or something. ack.]

Finding Neverland
Whale Rider! You gotta see it.
- quiz show
- chasing amy
- white squall
- a bronx tale
- little man tate
- the insider (actually i'm not sure if that's the name. it's with al pacino and russel crowe about tobacco industry)
- big daddy
- instincts
- sneakers
- analyze this & that
- enemy of the state
- the game
anger management
my sassy girl
- my wife's a gangster
- shiri
house of games
the heist
-Great Expectations with Gwen Paltro
-Requiem of a Dream
-The Order
-The Others
-Jackass The Movie
Shakespeare In Love
25th Hour
Groundhog Day
Roman Holiday
American History X
The Recruit
-Meet Joe Black
-Seven Years in Tibet
-Keeping the Faith (with Edward Norton)
amores perros.
Titus is a good move albeit a bit disturbing.
punch drunk love
charlotte sometimes
Donnie Darko
Bend It Like Beckham

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