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I'm not a fan of year end retrospectives, top tens, etc (for myself), but here are some pics of the year past. Because I'm a semi-copycat (you'll know if you know). Semi, because it isn't as well thought out, but more haphazard and sudden. As in just a couple minutes ago. *+2

And so...

January 2005 began/continued with a Faye pasttime of walking, walking, walking, exploring, and snapping snapping snapping of anything and everything that caught my fancy:

Then February dropped by with some family:

and flags:

March was a flurry of scrumptious fruits:

April brought a glimpse of my ratpack ways:

May began with silver rings:

a good samaritan's act of kindness:

and the welcome of digiSon's first official (one-handed!) blagpic:

There was also the beginnings of zefrank masterpieces:

(It ended with my very first show/exhibition. With a surprise visitor!)

Well...technically, it actually ended with this:

In June, I discovered a rainbow in a most unexpected place:

July greeted my bday with beautiful skies:

but also brought the mysterious deterioration of laptop:

and surprised me with a celebration with old friends:

and memories with new:

August began my stint @:

In September, mt became a mom (well, a couple mths before, but this is according to digiSon):

(And I found myself in my second show. A success, a whirlwind!)

October had me visiting beautiful, calming waters:

While November brought a slippery spin to them:

And December...

December brought:

A collection of miniSantas:

and...*scratches head*


What did I miss?